Welcome to our Website and Blog!

Starting a new business is exciting. A little bit terrifying if it’s your first (as was my case) but very exciting! I remember the moment Martin and I decided to open our little venture.  We had just finished a lovely seaside lunch when he casually said “what if we opened a shop?”.  I dont’ think he gave it much thought, or anticipated my enthusiasm, but it was an instant “ohhh ahhhh I love that idea!”.  InFusion Gallery was born…

At the time, a website was not part of the plan.  Opening the shop was a priority and we felt social media such as Facebook and Instagram would be sufficient.  Months later however, we’ve come to realize that many people still prefer a website to social media.  Finding pertinent information is easier, navigating to said information faster and browsing our jewellery most definitely more enjoyable!

So enjoy your journey into InFusion’s website and should you come across any little glitches or have any feedback, please let us know.