Project Description

Jewellery Cleaning and Polishing

Jewels are important accessories both for their monetary value and for their emotional meaning, many of them are family heirlooms that are worth preserving, or in special cases, they are unique pieces with historical value that can be valued at a high price if are cared for properly. There are materials (diamonds for example) that attract oil from our skin and other surfaces, the use of makeup, soaps and creams creates a layer of dirt on the surface of the piece, extinguishing its characteristic shine.

If it is about pieces of daily use, in addition to ensuring their beauty, it is crucial to keep them disinfected; Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19, jewelry (especially rings) become carriers of this and other viruses that are capable of surviving on the surface of metals, plastics, and glass for up to 9 days. For this reason, specialists recommend removing the jewelry to perfectly wash every corner of our hands, and then carefully clean and disinfect the accessories before putting them back on.

Everyday living does leave its mark on jewellery, especially on those beautiful rings you never remove.  Let us breathe new life into your precious items with a professional jewellery cleaning and polish.  One by one, each piece of jewellery will be carefully inspected to ensure every claw, clasp and setting is secure then polished and cleaned returning it to near pristine condition.  White gold pieces can also be rhodium plated for that extra brightness.

Finally, we recommend you store your jewelry in separate cloth bags so that they do not rub against each other and are not scratched, as well as avoiding the use of gold when you bathe in the beach or the pool, since salt water and products of water conservation in swimming pools can deteriorate your jewelry.