Jewellery Repair

Martin’s 45+ years of handling and working with precious metals and gems doesn’t only equate to well-honed skills, it also equates to having possibly encountered every type of jewellery repair that comes across a workbench.  This expertise is what gives us an edge when assessing how to best repair your jewellery.  From a simple chain or clasp repair, to a broken ring, earring or pendant, your damaged item will be evaluated, repaired and restored to its original state.

We also offer a precious and semi-precious gemstone resetting and replacement service.  To this end, we keep a choice selection of diamonds and gems to replace any lost stones.  In the event we do not have a suitable match, we will happily source it from one of our reputable dealers ensuring you get a quality replacement.

More recently, we have added lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) to our range of precious stones and jewellery.   The growing popularity of LGDs is one of the most exciting recent changes in the jewellery industry.  They are an incredible human achievement having the same chemical composition, optical and physical properties as natural diamonds.  This enables us to offer our customers stunning replacement diamonds for about a third of the cost of mined ones.  With a generational shift in the definition of luxury, it makes them a great option for those who are looking for jewellery that is sustainable, ethical and cost-effective. You can also read a little more about Lab Grown Diamonds

Last but not least, our years of working with gold, platinum and silver jewellery, whether antique or contemporary, is your guarantee that those precious valuables will be handled with the care they deserve.

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