Cleaning & Polishing


Jewellery Cleaning and Polishing Bring that sparkle back!  Everyday living does leave its mark on jewellery, especially on those beautiful rings you never remove.  Let us breathe new life into your precious items with a professional clean and polish. One by one, each piece of jewellery will be carefully inspected to ensure every [...]

Jewellery Commissions


Jewellery Commissions Perhaps it was in a movie, or maybe a magazine, but the day you cast your eyes on that beautiful piece of jewellery, the desire it sparked lingers still today. At InFusion Gallery we understand that desire and feel privileged that we can turn it into a reality for you.  Whether [...]

Jewellery Redesigns


Jewellery Redesign Gems and precious metals are eternal but tastes in jewellery design change. Whether it’s remounting an old ring or a complete redesign, we can transform your own jewellery into a bespoke piece that will become an expression of yourself.  Using your old gold items we will bring your design to life [...]

Jewellery Repairs


Jewellery Repair Martin’s 45+ years of handling and working with precious metals and gems doesn’t only equate to well-honed skills, it also equates to having possibly encountered every type of jewellery repair that comes across a workbench.  This expertise is what gives us an edge when assessing how to best repair your jewellery.  [...]

Jewellery Valuations


Jewellery Valuations Whether you received your jewellery as a gift or inherited a piece, it is important that you protect it, and even more so, have it insured.  Insurance companies normally require a jewellery valuation in order to determine the value of an item. If you are not aware of the value of your [...]

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Our creations... Jewellery is personal.  It is an expression of yourself.  It can be the finishing touch to an outfit, the gentle reminder of a love present or past or that little je ne sais quoi that will put some va-va-voom to your stride. Whatever it may be, our [...]


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