Cleaning & Polishing


Cleaning and Polishing Everyday living does leave its mark on jewellery, especially on those beautiful rings you never remove.  Let us breathe new life into your precious items with a professional clean and polish.  One by one, each piece of jewellery will be carefully inspected to ensure every claw, clasp and setting is [...]

Jewellery Redesigns


Jewellery Redesign Gems and precious metals are eternal but tastes in jewellery design change. Whether it’s remounting an old ring or a complete redesign, we can transform your own jewellery into a bespoke piece that will become an expression of yourself.  Using your old gold items we will bring your design to life [...]

Jewellery Repairs


Repairs Martin’s 45+ years of handling and working with precious metals and gems doesn’t only equate to well-honed skills, it also equates to having possibly encountered every type of jewellery repair that comes across a work bench.  This expertise is what gives us an edge when assessing how to best repair your jewellery [...]

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Our creations... Jewellery is personal.  It is an expression of yourself.  It can be the finishing touch to an outfit, the gentle reminder of a love present or past or that little je ne sais quoi that will put some va-va-voom to your stride. Whatever it may be, our [...]